, Charleston

, South Carolina

, United States

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2020-02-22 22:17:13
“I have been flying FPV quadcopters for about one year. The hobby has helped me and my son build our knowledge, skills, and relationship together. This hobby has had a massive impact in getting my son and other young people interested in technology and outdoor activities–two areas in which our nation is struggling to connect with young people. I mostly fly small quadcopters under 100 grams. They are a great fit for large yards, playgrounds, and recreational sports facilities. We never fly over people, personal property, or areas where our quadcopters could not be easily retrieved or cause any damage. It’s common sense that people’s privacy and safety is more important than recreational hobbies. I have always respected those values and have never seen another pilot infringe on those values. The areas where I fly, I rarely see any other people at all. Out of curiosity, I have flown my own quadcopters into myself, in a controlled manner, in order to understand exactly how dangerous they can be. The worst I have suffered is minor scratches. My young children fly my quadcopters on a regular basis. Not only have they never been injured, they consistently follow the values and rules I have taught them in order to respect safety and privacy. I do not understand the basis on which these new FAA intiatives have been developed. I have been unable to find the research, complaints, or any other grounds for which the FAA would want to take away my ability to fly a small toy around an empty playground or soccer field with my son. This may not be the scenario the FAA has in mind, and thus I hope that the new initiative is modified to reflect the apparent safety and appropriateness of this type of flying. I hope to see the future of this hobby continue to foster friendships, education, and technological skills to all people young and old.”