, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-25 9:33:42
“I always wanted to fly RC aircraft but couldn’t afford it when I was younger. Now, due to the ability to build aircraft out of foam board that costs a couple of dollars, I am able to fulfill that dream. However, more importantly to me, I am able to teach my children how to fly. I am able to teach them about aerodynamics, math, weather, animals, trees, etc. as we build our planes and then go outside and fly. They are learning so much because of this hobby that they would never learn sitting inside and watching tv or playing video games. It also gives them exercise as we run to recover a crashed plane or to recover a parachute that we built and dropped from the plane. They are even learning about working and budgeting and saving money so they can buy replacement servos or motors or receivers from their allowance or from extra money they make working odd jobs around the neighborhood. If the regulations as I understand them with expensive gadgets that need to go into each plane and expensive data plans and other requirements go into effect, we will no longer be able to fly our planes or learn all of these things. Instead of being able to build and fly a plane for a few dollars, it will cost more than we have to spend. My kids and thousands of other kids that are learning using STEM and airplanes made of foam board will loose this opportunity to learn and possibly go into engineering or other science related fields or become pilots themselves.”