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, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-25 9:55:26
“I have been flying drones professionally and recreationally since before the initial 333 requirement came about. I have followed along with the growth of the business and hobby side of the UAS industry. I worked for a local retailer selling drones and even ran classes helping to educate the public on the safety and use of drones. A year ago I stared my own video and drone business to take advantage of making what I love into a job. I think the current system works well enough for the professional and hobbyist. The added system proposed would all but kill my business as I could not afford to retrofit my equipment to comply and I most certainly cannot afford to buy all new equipment either. I own 10 drones and hope to build more. I use drones to help connect with my son and teach him about electrical engineering and soldering. About computer programming and aeronautical engineering. It helps us bond as father and son, if the new restrictions come into effect it would take away one of the things that connect us. All but one of my drones have been hand built. I have been using RC planes and cars since I was 11 years old and got my first rc car and plane from my dad. I think that any sort of home built drones should be exempt from this new remote id proposal. I also believe that the 250 grams weight limit is also a bit unfair as most all my drones are around the 600 to 800 grams range. This is not just my hobby and passion, it is my livelihood to help provide for my family and connect with my son. Please do not institute a system that would literally take everything I have worked for away.”