, Canada

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2020-02-27 8:45:44
“For me, flying temporarily unleashes me from earthly bounds and a limited point of view. It encourages me to look at the bigger picture in things, to see what I cannot necessarily see from one perspective only (I am also an amateur astronomer for the same reason). It allows me to appreciate scenery that would otherwise go unappreciated and be unknown to me. I have had “flying dreams” since I was a kid, and flying my drone safely and responsibly gives me a way to experience that on my screen and heads-up display. Although I am in Canada, I am concerned about US legislation around drones, as it sets the stage for global consideration. I am an advocate for safety (I am employed in the field of fire and life safety), but I disagree with legislation that appears to be driven by fear or by lobbyists and monetarily invested committee members rather than by proven statistical data and core truths. These end up being viewed by the public as a “money grab” or a scam with no const/benefit ratio except for the special interest groups who stand to make money from these initiatives. Safety cannot be based on fear, but must be based on fact and common sense, and it should enable, not DISable peoples’ dreams when they are not harmful to others and are practiced within the safety boundaries of existing, sensible legislation.”