, Illinois

, United States

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2020-02-27 8:47:55
“Flying is a freedom, it allows me to put my daily concerns to the side and completely focus on something else. Flying is something that brings my family together, it has generated interest with my kids and gives us something in common to do together. I am not blind to there being problems, i see people flying in dangerous or restricted areas. I see people becoming a nuisance to the public but i don’t think that the FAA proposed regulations will help that. I think the FAA proposed regulations are a complete squash to the hobby, i feel there are ways that the FAA can help with regulations that don’t completely cut people out of the hobby. I do think GPS guided remote flights should be tracked, for the safety and security of others and there privacy and property. But i also think people that can put together a rig capable of long sustained computer aided GPS guided flights would already have a cell tracking system or should. I am all for a bluetooth ID brodcaster, brodcasting a tail number of my quads as long as my personal information isn’t at risk. And i do think there should be some regulation on where things could be flown but i do think we should be able to geofence an area and have it approved in a timely manner. I dont fly my quads or drive my cars and trucks anywhere i am going to be stopped and questioned by the police, scrutiny, or most of the public but a lot of people enjoy that thrill. And that is fine but it is causing scrutiny of our hobby and the people in it. That scrutiny is causing panic in the regulators and the problems that we face today.”