, Kentucky

, United States

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2020-02-25 10:17:14
“I have flying RC airplanes off and on since the mid 1980’s. I have met some very fine people in this hobby along the way and have many fond memories to go with them. Now that I am retired, it has become a passion for me that I look forward to everyday I can get out of bed. I have about 35 airplanes in my collection and get a thrill each and every time they get airborne. I enjoy both the time in the air and the fellowship of the members at our field who show up for an enjoyable day of flying and hanging out. I do not believe the restrictions that are being imposed on us are justifiable just because some corporate mongers, who probably are not involved in our hobby, feel we are impeding on THEIR airspace. I also feel that what I do with my leisure time as a law abiding citizen should not require the governments need to monitor it. That being said please consider my plea to block this proposed legislation.”