, Brentwood

, New York

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-25 10:29:37
“I am a senior on a very fixed budget, I am just getting back into the hobby after many years. I cannot afford to purchase and install onboard systems in each of my 6 inexpensive model aircraft to broadcast identification and location information to the FAA, or the cost of an internet connection to broadcast my location via a smart phone. I can’t afford a smartphone, I have a simple flip phone without smart phone capabilities. I have always been a very responsible individual, I take following all the safety rules very seriously. I never let my plane out of my sight and make sure I don’t fly near any airports ,aircraft or any place where I would endanger anyone or cause property damage. Due to continuing overdevelopment here on Long Island it is becoming much harder to find places to fly, forcing our flying site locations to become very fluid. Flying model aircraft as a youngster taught me about aeronautics, fueled my passion for airplanes, science and even helped me when I went to work here for a major aerospace company as a field engineer. Now after working for decades I finally have the time to get back into persuing something that I have always had a passion for. Like many other members I have always played by the rules, I am registered with the FAA, am a member of the AMA and have no problem with putting my Id numbers on my aircraft. Please don’t make it impossible for us to do one of the few things we can still enjoy.”