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, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-14 23:08:55
“Thank you for giving me a place to show my 2 cents. I have some serious concerns about the proposed rules and would like to share some of that with you now. I’ve been in the fpv hobby for a while now. Over time, I have saved and puchused parts to participate in this hobby of FPV and the purposed rules would create a financial burden to me and my family. Currently in the area which I reside, there is no cell phone service and no Wi-Fi, it would be basically impossible for me to comply with certain aspects in the proposed rules. Also, I pretty much build everything from scratch. The purposed rules would pose a problem to my hobby as well. There is a local AMA field close to me, however, they refuse to allow drones to fly at thier club. I have recently taken up drone racing. To practice I need to go to an open field somewhere. That also seems like it would be impossible. I love this Hobby. I don’t think government officials and FAA officials thought about people, including me, how this hobby has impacted life threatening anxiety. After having kids and a home purchase, I started to have attacks almost daily. I used to take anxiety pills. I used to have terrible anxiety attacks. Today, when I feel the wave coming, I can envelop my mind a little bit into my hobby. Believe it or not, one flight can knock that tidal wave of fear down to a Trickle. This hobby is like no other hobby I’ve ever had. 100% Focus of mind and body, 100% of the time, fpv racing or freestyle, there is nothing like it. Yes! All that focus of your mind and your body to make that thing fly through the air is exhilarating. I really wish the FAA would consider these issues I would have to comply with the purposed rules and consider the mental issues this hobby helps. Fpv is the best hobby ever!”