, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-23 9:16:19
“I’m a disable veteran who suffers from PTSD & depression.For many years i was unable to cope with life after military, i had to go to recovery for my addictions and other mental issues. I found this hobby thru a friend , who helped me along and i was able to start to feel better. I now had way to channel my thoughts and emotions thryu building , flying , making videos, meetups or attending Flight Fest :) I’ve have made more friends , was more likely to get out of the house. On my bad days when i didn’t feel like leaving, I would BUILD. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction , joy when i see my aircraft fly after a build. It lifts my spirits. My wife and kids could testify to that. This hobby has been a blessing to me in my recovery , i would be devastated if i where to lose this great hobby and along with the friends i have made. I hope some how the FAA would see this and try to work with us. I fought for this country & i believe this is something my brothers died for, our freedom to fly safely and enjoy life. God bless”