, Finland

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2020-02-23 9:20:39
“I’ve been flying drones since the Dji phantom 1. I bought that drone and learned to fly it with the idea of make aerial videos. However, the Dji drones had then, and still has many limitations. At the time my biggest concern was the size of the Phantom not fitting in my backpack. So I decided to learn how to build my own drone. I went for a fold-able frame design which i successfully built after months of studying online. I used that drone even professionally on many filming shoots. The excitement of building and finally succeeding on flying a home built aircraft was one of the best feelings I ever felt. I knew right then and there that I was going to build and fly drones, airplanes and other UAV’s for the rest of my life. Now, almost a decade later I’ve built, designed, invented and flown around 30 different UAV’s. I’ve also used the skill I’ve learned building drones, to build remote controlled camera systems for wildlife and nature films. If a new regulation like this would get approved in the USA, I would be extremely concerned that a similar regulation would soon follow in Europe where I am active. Not saying that I don’t have plans on flying drones in the USA in the future. Whatever regulations and laws anyone approves, it wont stop people with bad intentions on breaking those rules. If someone’s mission is to destroy, terrorize, harass, or any other ill manner, that individual will do it anyway. In fact, a new sub culture of illegal drone pilots might emerge, making the situation much worse. If they are already breaking the law, does it really matter then anymore how many other laws they break? Sincerely, A worried hobbyist and a professional aerial director of photography. /Atte Henriksson”