, Madera

, California

, United States

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2020-02-20 23:22:42
“Most of us in the hobby of model aircraft do not view drones as a part of our hobby. We understand they’re remotely controlled on the majority of the scale but we do not consider them to be of the same hobby. As a hobbyist in this field we teach new members in new pilots the basic set of rules and we follow the law of the land so to speak. The first rule you learn is that RC aircraft are not to be flown within city limits unless they are of a park flyer type in a well open Park free of pedestrians or a school playground free of pedestrians. Laws are pretty common knowledge to the pilots I belong to the club that I belong to in the pilot’s from joining clubs around the area. We enjoy the opportunity to teach kids about our hobby and about model flight what kid doesn’t like airplanes? I do however feel that drones should be restricted to fly within city limits and your regular restricted areas as in airports and things like that. I personally build and fly small to giant scale warbird aircraft like the p40 P-51 and Corsair. I have been in the remote control hobby since I was a little boy and the skills that I have learned from this hobby I’m not matched by any other hobby. A lot of people in the this hobby become real pilots weather it be commercial or personal. I would urge anyone that is considering the regulations that we have been reading about with the FAA to go out to your local field and hang out for the day and talk to pilots about the hobby maybe even get a few flights in on a trainer if anyone has one so you can 1st hand see what we are all about.”