, Switzerland

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2020-02-22 20:43:44
“Hi As first i would like to apologize for my bad english. It’s not my mother-tongue. I’m not living in the U.S. but i’m really concerned about the regulation proposal and the effect it would have for your country and also maybe most of the other countries in the EU in the future. It’s not only affecting a small group of really talented and somehow innovative People, who had a dream to create something and share it with others. And so, in the last few years all that knowledge was passed to other passionated people which made it grow to a big peaceful and worldwide community of fpv pilots. It’s somehow kills the meaning of democracy. It’s not about spying people, damaging stuff or kill people. No one of us wants to take airplanes down. neither flying high to the sky. and if we do that, it’s gonna be for a glimpse of a few seconds. No one of us wants to destroy his equipment and causing danger to others, just for fun. There are already existing regulations and they work fine. it’s only about that consumer market, with people with that kind of thinking mentioned before. Those who just wanna buy a selfie drone, autonomous gps flying, a huge brand called dji, is not only the favorited one, but even the leader of the market. millions of drones selled and all we know that this brand comes from china. dji has a big data structure with all airports and no fly zones worlwide on their storage. not only that, they also have a a kind of log where all flights basically are tracked. maybe also the camera footage on a stream? Apple like proprietary system. i don’t know it that is one of the reasons why the faa and for sure a lot others who want’s to see dones banned. maybe i’m wrong. but all those mentions about national security and terrorism, makes me feel like that. because that’s not true. ordinary fpv drones like probably the most of our community are using, have not any of those tracking and whatever autonomous gps flying things. and yes, we crash our quads, but never into people or others properties. i have to have an insurance with a coverage of 1 million CHF. if it would happen that accidentaly i hit someone (which i never ever will hope and don’t think i could hurt somebody) or damaged somebody properties ihave at least an insurance. but like i said, i never would like to use it. so long story short; please don’t let this happens. It’s gonna have affect on many things and it’s such a wonderful hobby. And no one wants to loose it.”