, Tucson

, Arizona

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 18:10:38
“Started interest in multi rotors 2013 by watching videos of flight. As a means to an end… I built my own 3d printer from scratch parts, got my amateur radio license, became more proficient in soldering and electronic design, learned more about microcontrollers and gyro sensors, and invested in raw materials to build a quadcopter. Took months to, designed from scratch, and build my copter. On the manden flight it was crashed and had to be rebuilt. After doing all of this, I learned to alter my design to be more crash tolerant and repairable. Using the 3d printer, I could replace parts at will. I continued my other skills from learning how to build the copter to other areas. I learned more about radio with my amateur radio license, Dabbled in microcontrollers and FPGAs, learned to design my own 3d printable parts and made another 3d printer by printing parts from the first one, greatly improved by soldering skills and applied to other things such as repair, and continued my interest in flight by building scratch build flite test models and flying them. Latter as technology improved, I put a lot of focus on FPV flight. With FPV, I became friends with others who had the same interest. I joined a club and began to race competitively for bragging rights. If this aspect of my hobby was removed, I would lose the opportunity join in these events and be part of a group. I have invested allot into this hobby and would have a lot of monetary assets that would be made illegal in this proposal as written. I agree that an ID would help identify persons that need more education on the operations of there UAS, but also feel that this will do nothing to stop bad actors. It is my personal belief edulation on the safe operation of UAS is far more effective than blanket regulation. I turn to the success of Amateur Radio in that it is self regulated, educated and tested by volunteers, allows for amateur built without an approval system, and is beneficial to the public as a whole. I see model aviation in this light as well in that it supports interest and the understanding of technology.”