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2020-02-23 15:26:02
“The biggest problem I have is the increased cost that these new regulations would impose. I am the president of Mt Carmel High School’s aviation club, and right now flying scratch foamies with cheap electronics is how we teach other people about aviation. Introducing limitations to where we can fly, and having identification for these planes, and making it punishable under the law will isolate, and destroy communities like the ones our club have created. We simply can’t afford to join a club and register our planes, and such legislation would force us to either stop flying, or break the law to educate the school. Safety is not a concern either, as everyone at the flying field by our school are all instructed on safety protocol, which wherever I go, is followed in more or less the same way. To congress I say this, if you don’t know what it’s about, then don’t touch it until you do. We have created a community, and I intend on making sure it thrives.”