, Knoxville

, Tennessee

, United States

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2020-02-16 14:18:26
“Recreational FPV flying 6 inch quads and below, 90% below the tree line and rarely above 2x height of trees, mostly at competitive racing events and/or freestyle in small parks or front yard, Lipo batteries with only 4-5 minute flight times, with majority of this time spent in small geographic areas i.e. racing events small parks should NOT require remote ID capability. I do have a DJI camera drone – not FPV – (that I rarely fly) that has a longer flight time and range capability, often used higher than 2x tree lines and still primarily line of sight although has GPS capability might logically qualify for remote ID capability. I do not have commercial grade larger drones capable of long duration GPS guided, out of sight flights. I believe it logical for these types of drones to qualify for remote ID.”