, Cedar Rapids

, Iowa

, United States

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2020-02-25 16:24:07
“I’m just getting into flying helicopters, I’m looking forward to trying out planes. Then I heard about the Remote ID proposals. I’ve shelved plans to buy any new models because frankly, the current proposal leaves me with nowhere to fly. The local club doesn’t do anything with helicopters, there isn’t much interest so I don’t blame them. They seem really firm on the idea that helicopters will not be allowed to fly if there are airplanes at the field, I get why, but they want to the rule to prefrance the places to the point of having to pack up if someone arrives with a plane to fly. It’s a 20 min drive each time I want to fly. They also require club dues, AMA membership, and insurance. I get why and I’m not arguing against it. But still, that is a fairly high cost for someone that may not get a lot of opportunities to fly. Add the proposed fees for Remote ID, the monthly cost becomes a barrier considering how much I’d actually fly. While it’s not ideal, I like being able to go to a nearby public park and fly while there is no one else around. If someone else drops by the park, the heli goes in the car and I’m done. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. Planes, I understand, when I get to that I’m going to have to open my wallet whether I like it or not because there are no safe parks to fly in locally. As for my Heli, I can walk five blocks away and carry my gear, fly for free and enjoy some fresh air. All it costs me is time and repairs. Privacy is a big concern, the more information people have access to the more opportunity there is for abuse. People that are flying line of sight are easy to find. If you can see the aircraft there is a good chance you can see the person controlling it. FPV and so forth, the ID requirements make more sense, but I don’t think that data should either be public or even stored on servers managed by private corporations. They could easily create a system whereas when your controller is on it broadcasts a digital packet with your GPS location. Even if someone is flying outside of their line of sight they are in RF range, the options of who is controlling that aircraft will be few and easy to figure out. That cuts out a lot of the costs and much of the privacy concerns. Feels like their building a better mousetrap when all they need is a classic snap trap.”