, Tulsa

, Oklahoma

, United States

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2020-02-25 16:19:38
“I am 64 years old. I grew up in a time when building model cars and airplanes was a favorite hobby of young boys. As I got older myself and my friends (with help from our dads) moved up to building our own gas powered u-line controlled airplanes. There was nothing more exciting than that at the time. And the educational experience was priceless. And then affordable radio controlled aircraft came along. A whole new world of wonder. After two years of college I transferred to Spartan School of Aeronautics to get my A&P certifications. I never lost my love of flying model aircraft. In the 80’s I had the chance to fall in love with flying ultralight aircraft. I still fly an Aerolite 103 today, when I can. Because of FAR 103 I am not required to have a pilots license. But there are rules and restrictions I have to follow. I do so because I would never do anything to jeopardize the sport I love. And I also never lost my love of RC aircraft. When I first discovered quadrocoptors, as they were originally called, I was fascinated. What amazing technology. I started with micros and minis and eventually moved up to the DJI phantom. I could never replace some videos of vacations and family events that I’ve recorded. And up untill a short time before he passed away, my Dad and I would fly a couple of micro quads around the living room together when I was visiting. I don’t make a lot of money anymore. Well, actually never made a lot. I have to budget constantly. I don’t have internet at home. Or cable TV for that matter. With the increase in the popularity of “drones” I understood the need to have them registered with the FAA. Mine is and the number is marked on my phantom. But I can not afford anymore subscription fees or montly charges. It took my a long time to save for my phantom because it is a recreation, not a necessity. I can’t afford to upgrade to a new aircraft just to meet regulations that could limit me to only being able fly in one single location, when I had time and money to drive there. None of the commercial interests pushing for these regulations would even be here if it weren’t for us hobbyists advancing these aircraft to begin with.”