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2020-02-23 10:54:07
“Nearly all of my remote controlled aircraft are scratch or kit built. I have 30 or more aircraft ranging from cheap 30 dollar foam builds to thousand plus dollar balsa and nitro models. I live in a rual area hours away from any AMA field. This measure would render literally thousands of dollars in personal gear useless. The obvious grab by commercial interests in this airspace is disturbing. The fact that the FAA does not require them to abide by existing airspace rules is confusing. I have yet to see one safety study done on the impact of the remote controlled aircraft hobby. There have been no downed full sized aircraft, no people crashing their equipment into highway traffic. As far as I know, there has been one confirmed incedent of a collision between an aircraft and a private “drone”. The aircraft continued to base safely and the drone was destroyed. Kind of what you would imagine would happen when a 20000lb metal aircraft collides with a two pound piece of plastic. Drones and remote controlled planes are expensive. The idea that people go out and buy a few hundred to thousands of dollars woth of gear and then recklessly fly it around is just not likely. The cheap drones for less than 100 dollars don’t have the range or the mass to really cause safety issues. Further, the educational opportunities this will destroy is immesurable. I run a STEM based Boy Scout troop. We concentrate on drones, robotics, and general aeronautics. Our troop will not be able to afford prebuilt aircraft nor to pay fees associated with remote id. There are thousands of future engineers, astronauts, pilots, and aviation fans that will no longer have access to this great educational oppotunity if the porposed measures are passed. I find it funny that for decades, the airspace we use has generally been left up to our discretion as long as we followed simple and safe guidelines. Suddenly, when the FAA decides there is commercial value in airspace (that honestly, the average citizen does not want filled with large, loud commercial drones) they approach congress to change laws so they can try to milk a cash cow. The FAA is supposed to be keepeing general avaition from causing issues, which, if you look at reports, they have many accidents causing loss of life and damage to property on a fairly regular basis, not regulating how I play with my toys with my kids and buddies.”