Robert Jr


, Silver Springs

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 22:51:38
“I hold and airman’s certificate. I am able to fly non commercial aircraft as long as I pass the physical. I do not need this if I fly an ultralight . A part 103 plane has less restrictions than the proposed rules for model aviation. Even in a plane that is fully certified you are able to fly NORDO, meaning no transponder and no radio as long as you abide by airspace restrictions. Most model aviators fly under 100 FT AGL and within line of sight and do not pose a threat to regular aircraft. Birds are more dangerous than models. Most model aviators use common sense. You aren’t going to fly a 3/4 scale plane out of a 1/4 acre lot in a residential neighborhood just because physics says so. The real problem is commercial flyers and government/military entities are now using small autonomous drones for everything from package delivery to spying. Someone with evil intentions wouldn’t follow any rules to begin with. These proposed regulation would place an unbearable hardship on people who already are safe flyers. Maybe regulations should only be placed on autonomous systems at point of sales which can include a transponder emitting a special code to identify it as unmanned autonomous aircraft to ATC. That brings up another issue though of additional clutter on already busy ATC screens. Wifi and internet connectivity are definitely a no go as those are not available everywhere. My family has been involved in model aviation since 1970’s.”