, Mariposa

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 17:38:32
“I’ve been flying over 45 years! Always been an AMA member#11471. Also have my FAA ID#FA334PPH97. I fly everything from 6oz micro planes up to 45 lb giant scale, 90 percent of the time at a AMA certified field and 10 percent at the local high school track. I travel 45 miles to the closet AMA certified field as I live in a small community. Once a year I go to the local high school and give a week long talk on aviation and the hobby I love. I have over 35 aircraft all fixed wing and must be flown by “line of site”. My personal opinion is the FAA is going to penalize the ones who already follow their club/AMA rules to fly. Those of us who know the rules fly by them! The pilots “if that is what you call them” that are causing the problems are the ones that are not part of a local club & AMA.”