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2020-02-19 17:39:58
“At 50 plus years old, it’s one of the only things that gets me out of the house and interact socially. I have made many friends due to the hobby and the reality is we likely would not spend time together if this was not available. For me personally, it’s a great safe way to escape from the burdens of life, even if it’s only 3-4 minutes at a time. My concern is already being on a limited budget, this would stifle my participation in the hobby. I have heard many ideas but the one that seems to make the most sense is the “0-200ft range belongs to the property owner” I feel that this is a strong compromise and would keep us flying safely and in areas where the property owner allows. On the RID aspect, I personally feel the current LANC based system is sufficient. The reality is only the people who abide by current regulations would be affected. The folks who are breaking those rules and recommendations will continue to do so. Thanks for reading.”