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, Utah

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2020-02-13 20:56:45
“I am 56 years old, divorced, family moved out. I have physical limitations that have not allowed me to participate in most of my interests from when I was younger. Two years ago I discovered FPV, it changed my life in many ways. It woke up my sleeping brain and gave me ways to stimulate my thinking by necessity. It brought me out of a depression and gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning with some excitement instead of dread. I learned how to build multi-rotor quadcopters, I am proud of this skill and have built many. I have learned how to program them to fly well, and to fly safe. I also learned how to manually fly them, which to an old non-gamer like me was another challenging skill to be proud of. I fly in the foothills above my house and in empty parks, neither of which pose any danger to anyone either on the ground or in the air, I never fly more than a couple hundred feet above the ground, usually within fifty feet. Fpv flight is done close to trees and objects, gaps ect. It is boring to fly any higher than the objects I fly around, so I pose no danger whatsoever to manned aircraft. Less so than the kids hitting pop flies on the baseball field. I know my equipment and have programmed it in a way to be completely safe! Knowing this, I do not believe I would be compliant to any of these rule changes. I have been proud to be an American, but I believe these rules or laws would be in direct conflict to the freedom I have been so proud of! (You can leave out the last paragraph if you think it is too rebellious to our cause)”