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2020-02-14 12:31:15
“While the AMA (CBO) form letters do a great job explaining my mutual concerns, I will go a step futher and say if the FAA doesn’t work with the AMA, or other CBO’s, it will be the death of our beloved hobby. I’ve been a modeler for over 30 years. I primary fly fixed wing 1/4 and 1/3 scale aircraft and have 27 airplanes that fly on a regular basis. Many of which are 10 to 15 years old. I couldn’t afford to register each airplane nor. install expensive RID transponders in all of my aircraft. I, like so.many other modelers, literally have tens of thousands of dollars invested in aircraft and support equipment that could be rendered worthless if the FAA moves forward with their proposed rules. On another note, I have two sons who fly for the airlines today who owe their careers to model aviation. It is not uncommon for young people to pursue a career in aviation after becoming involved in model aviation. This threshold will be taken away and deprive our youth of these opportunities if these regulations go into effect. PLEASE don’t allow these over zealous proposed rules to destroy a hobby that has operated safely for 80 plus years. I realize our skys need to be safe. I do not have an issue with remote ID required if the aircraft is flying out of sight with the aid of GPS. That could be a safety concern to full scale aircraft. However, line of sight RC model aviation DOES NOT POSE A PROBLEM. IMO, this is a great example of government overreach. This subject can’t be addressed as “one size fits all”. Drones need to be broken down into two classifications. Quadcopters and fixed wing aircraft operate totally different from each other and need to be regulated as such. In closing, I’ve worked very hard in my life time, saved and invested a large amount of money in this hobby. I have looked forward to retirement to have more time so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. Model aviation is my life and the only hobby I have. I not only run the risk of having thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment become basically worthless overnight, I run the risk of loosing the enjoyment of my retirement. I’m too old to try something new. One size does not fit all. The FAA needs to totally rethink these regulations and not let them negatively impact legacy model aviation! Thank you for listening.”