, Tryon

, North Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 12:30:21
“I’ve been enjoying this hobby for 30 years and if the NPRM goes into effect, I will have to sell all my models and equipment and leave the hobby. The rules are totally unworkable and are going wipe out many fliers. Those who survive will become a class of law breaking fliers who were formerly a totally law abiding group of hobbyists with a stellar safety record. I can assure the FAA that no one will go along with the NPRM. It is clear the FAA knew next to nothing about our great hobby and safety record and only listened to commercial interests who want to steal the low altitude skies for themselves. However, there is a way to accomplish the FAA’s goals without all the collateral damage. The FAA only has to listen to the RC community to discover these alternative methods.”