, Attleboro

, Massachusetts

, United States

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2020-02-26 18:55:04
“I have been in the hobby now for about 4 years and enjoy it very much. I have always loved aviation, my dad was an aircraft mechanic for major airlines, he used to build and fly controls line as a kid as well. I used to build and crash my models as a kid but lost time for modeling as my adult life got going. Now I have the time and love to build and fly. This hobby has always been financially difficult for businesses to maintain, many have come and gone along with really good products.This hobby does not need any more issues added to the already existing financial problems. Requiring people to register every aircraft they own (I currently have 10 and some people I know have 50 or 60) and apply remote ID is expensive and is not going to fix anything. People who want to do bad things are not going to register their equipment and I suspect that people who enjoy this hobby responsibility will also not register their equipment due to the additional burden/cost and as such will be flying illegally. It is a shame that such regulation is seen as necessary. I am an AMA member / VP of a local flying club and fly fixed wing aircraft within line of sight at my clubs AMA approved site. Seems to me like more regulation is overly burdensome and unnecessary.”