, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-14 12:56:54
“Modeling has been a family activity for my entire life, I flew models with my father as a child and now fly with my own children. We fly many types of models, from lightweight models in the back yard or local parking lot, to larger models at a sanctioned club. Many are scratch built. We often fly at a local park close to a police station, the officers frequently come out and watch and talk. Clearly we are not a safety concern for our local police department, yet we are now facing heavy federal regulation. The proposed regulations appear to be an extreme burden for the modeling community. Most have many models, and are constantly building something new. Some planes may last year, some may last only hours. The individual registration mandate for each model is downright absurd. The regulations concerning approved flying sites will certainly cause the number and availability of these sites to shrink over time. Although I understand the need for additional regulation to address non line of sight operations which have legitimate safety concerns, these proposed regulations are heavy handed and surely will destroy the hobby. Surely a more rational solution can be found.”