, Red Rock

, Arizona

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 0:06:49
“Hello and Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Randal Williams. I currently am a 51 year old man, working in the Financial Technologies industry as a Senior Systems Administrator with an EC6 security clearance. I am a Disabled Veteran from the US Navy, after serving 1988-1993, during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield/Operation Restore Hope. I have acquired and use several professional certifications, including NRA Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun Instructor, and Level 2 US Archery Instructor/Coach. I have also coached several 4H clubs in the previous mentioned firearm and archery disciplines, along with Youth Soccer. At this time, I am also under the guidance of a Master Gunsmith to advance my knowledge and skills in these areas. I absolutely understand the need to gain new skills, refine the techniques, and to train my successors. What has prompted me to get into First Person Viewing (FPV) flight was my wife. She suggested we get a drone for Christmas in 2017, to take aerial photographs of the beautiful landscape in Arizona. We purchased our first DJI Mavic Pro, and this small technological wonder opened the aerial world to me again since flying in the US Navy. Yes, I do have other hobbies and interests including snowboarding, motorcycle track riding, skateboarding, archery, precision shooting, machining, and computer programming skills. Through this journey within the FPV hobby, I see how my skills acquired within this hobby have also increased other activities. This has paid huge rewards in understanding electrical connections, its application and theory, aerodynamics, spacial realization, and calmness. It gives the ability to explore where the body cannot go. For a short time per battery pack, I transport my visual conscience to a different physical place, to nullify all other weighted responsibilities, defeat gravity, and creating a sense of physical freedom not explored by the mass majority of the population. I currently fly in local parks, the deserts located around me, my neighborhood, and at organized gatherings. I always have a spare set of viewing goggles, to give someone else a glimpse into this magical world of flight. It is a dance I do for them and myself, in six-dimensional space. It is a love affair. To compare the two different sides of the FPV hobby, I offer food as an analogy. Flying is eating. You get to savor all your hard work. These are the short sweet bites we make for ourselves and our visual passengers. The real magic is in the cooking. The preparations, planning, endless searches for the recipe, to take an idea of what we want to taste and make it a physical form. With our current regulations, we all can accomplish Michelin Star status. The list of parts and ingredients are only limited by our individual budgets, and imaginations. Not a single pilots I have met builds and flies identical crafts to another. This reinforces the creativity and innovation. The proposed RemoteID, using the food analogy above, will force all pilots to eat from the same fast food restaurant, with the same flavor, and working with a closed menu. This will not make a healthy society. I prefer to take the time to cook, extracting the traits, flavors, and performance from my calories as well as my drones. I personally have build and destroyed over a dozen craft, increasing my skill levels. It is imperative I continues to learn new building techniques, and how they perform. This is my innovation, passion, and a skill I can teach others prior to leaving this planet. Please, with my highest recommendation, decline the RemoteID NPRM. Sincerely, Randal Williams Red Rock, Arizona”