, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-19 0:07:03
“For me, being able to design, build and fly my own custom multi-rotor aircraft; is an experience that cannot be replicated with regulated “official” aircraft. The entire experience, from saving and purchasing parts, designing and building, to programming, testing and flying; is a journey that helps to calm emotions and release the mind from the pains of daily life. Flying FPV style with googles on, gives the sense of being in the aircraft, that adds to the whole experience. FPV flight is more than just a hobby, it’s a calming therapy and emotional cleanse. There is no regulation that can add any benefit to the FPV world; only detract from it. If the proposed remote id regulations go into effect; thousands of individuals will find themselves criminals, and unable to enjoy their hobby. If remote id becomes law, hundreds of businesses would have to shutter their doors, as they could no longer sell their stock of parts; due to the fact that thousands of parts would become illegal as well. The financial burden from required monthly fees alone; would cause thousands of people to quit the hobby. As for me, well, I can barely afford to save and build my models as it is; if remote id takes effect, I would be among the many who would have to give up the one hobby they enjoy most.”