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, Nebraska

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2020-02-19 0:21:31
“I’ve wanted to fly for most of my life, but that dream didn’t seem feasible with the expenses that come with training and owning an aircraft. I was bouncing off the walls with excitement when I first saw Mr. Steele flying drones. Drones have given me the ability to experience the thrill of flight at a much lower cost. I loved learning about electronics and flight while building and maintaining my drone. It has also helped me meet new people and make friends through flying and building together. I still hope to be more active in the community and try racing, but the regulations would make that dream nearly impossible. Safety is important, but hobbyists don’t have to suffer so severely. I believe large corporations like Amazon, looking to use drones on a large scale are the only ones which should be required to have Remote ID and the extensive sensors with WiFi and data connection. Knowledgable Hobbyists don’t appear to be the problem and the regulations will drive most people and small businesses our of the drone hobby/industry. Restricting who can make drones will cause drone sports in America to dwindle along with the companies that would be willing to create drones meeting the new requirements. I don’t understand the need for all the data about drones to be tracked, but can compromise on large companies being tracked for safety reasons only. If these regulations go into effect, I won’t be able to continue the hobby of drones. The cost will be too much for me to handle and none of my existing equipment complies, making it useless. I live too far from any clubs or designated flying zones, so I have no where to fly with or without the equipment. The regulations feel unnecessary to me as I am not aware of any problems caused by drones. People have gotten upset over seeing them, but that is the extent of the problems I know of.”