, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-19 0:22:58
“I fly for recreation and my own personal education into aeronautics. I primarily fly collective pitch helicopters but I also fly quadcopters (drones) and fixed wing airplanes as well. Building and flying model aircraft is a very rewarding and relaxing hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. I’m very concerned about this Remote ID proposal. First off, none of my aircraft would be compliant. Also, this will dramatically restrict my flying locations and is a violation of my right to privacy. There is no factual basis for safety here, based on the history of model aviation in the USA. I’m hoping to eventually get my private pilots license and get my very own two seater bush plane. I have flown fixed wing planes and a small two person helicopter so far, (under the supervision of a licensed instructor) and I see model aircraft as a steppingstone to full sized aircraft. My grandfather was a pilot in the U.S. army air core during WWII and an interest in flying runs in our blood. This is why the increased regulation and Remote ID proposal really strikes a nerve.”