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2020-02-23 10:00:40
“I’ve been in the hobby for 30+ years. My planes are all marked with my AMA and FAA reg. #. Both are easy and inexpensive. I have no problems with a $5 fee every few years that can be on every plane I make and it’s nice to know I have insurance coverage with my AMA membership. The new regs will do nothing to improve safety. Period. End of discussion. Let’s be real, the vast majority of UAS flown don’t adhere to the current FAA registration requirement and even fewer are CBO members of the AMA. Idiots who fly in restricted airspace now will not stop their irresponsible behavior because of these new regs……they’ll just ignore the rules just as they do now. The FAA can’t even montior and catch most violators now…………how do think they will be able enforce these regs for the millions of UAS(especially popular, cheap drones) flown in every corner of the country? IMO, I think any regs requiring remote ID, safety testing, and the like, will be universally ignored. Unfortunately, it will be all the clubs and sponsered events whose pilots will be saddled with the expense and complexity of implementing these regs. I predict a continued and sad decline in participation in these organised clubs/events/competitions if these regs are adopted. What a shame.”