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, Missouri

, United States

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2020-02-20 19:08:20
“flying as a hobby was always fascinating to me but I never felt like I could afford to do it as it looked too expensive. It wasn’t until I realized that by making your own quadcopter you could get into the air affordably and repair your own equipment should it break. Through the introduction of fpv and content creators on the internet I was able to learn how to solder, read and decipher wiring diagrams, learn bits of programming, and above all else find a hobby I have grown to love. I understand that the actions of a few may have caused concern to the FAA. I understand that corporations I have a big interest in bank accounts to secure airspace for business purposes. I don’t see that it is fair in any way shape or form to exclude hobbyists from airspace less than 400 feet in normal air space or further than a few miles from restricted airspace just because corporations want to use it to make money for themselves. It does not seem that hobbyists were you even taking into consideration whenever the new laws were proposed. A good portion of those who fly are well-educated and have common sense based on what they have learned to build their quadcopters or drones and do not pose a threat or issue to government or commercial air space. Individuals that purchase drones and fly them without respect for the aircraft or knowledge of the air space around them are the people causing issues for everyone. Buckling down on registering aircraft and requiring knowledge-based tests equivalent to a driver’s license with penalties for actual damage or rule-breaking should be the direction of the new rules. The current ones seem to have only one purpose and that is to kill the hobby that so many people currently enjoy, benefit from, and have created a business platform on. Not only will hobbyists lose their entertainment but many businesses could potentially shut down just so that large corporations can continue to benefit.”