, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-14 10:13:43
“I was born to be an engineer, I was born to be a pilot. How does it work? Why do I need it? How can I make it better? I remember building model airplanes at the dining room table before I was attending kindergarten. Sticks of wood, rubber bands and a bottle of glue. Fast forward 40+ years and I’m still at the table. My aircraft are an extension of me. They are my ideas, hard work, dreams and fantasies wrapped up into a beautiful package. I’m not alone. My Grandfather, Uncle, Dad and my children also share the passion of flight. Our family has a farm, we fly there often as it is difficult to find a local airfield in the city. I spend many months designing and building fixed wing aircraft for pleasure. After all of the hard work, it can be terrifying to finally get your creation into the air. Stress, anxiety, thrill, excitement and joy all at the same moment. I cannot put a price on the memories. I believe my Grandfather is still with us because he enjoys our time together. He is 94 years old. He doesn’t fly anymore, but he still shares the passion and love we have for flight. Regarding the technology and regulations, I have a few concerns. For most modelers, it is a difficult assignment identifying a location to fly aircraft in a suburban environment. I travel far, sometimes out of state to be with fellow pilots and share the passion of flight. It is not feasible for me to strip down 30 airplanes and install remote identification equipment. Grounding aircraft because of complex rules is going to discourage the next generation of engineers, dreamers and pilots. The rules should be simple – a child should be able to comply with the rules. For custom builds the owner name, sUAS / FAA registration sticker, flying below 400’, away from airports and within line of sight should be enough restriction for model aircraft pilots. This would allow myself and fellow modelers to keep the existing inventory without modifying our creations. The rules are simple and easy to comply with, as it should be. I have a concern about not allowing additional R/C airfields in the future. Why? Where are fellow modelers supposed to fly? Grounding modelers should be the last initiative, not the first. I have anxiety about what is happening to our hobby. Please consider the millions of civilians who want to better themselves and the wonderful hobby of R/C modeling. Thank you.”