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2020-02-16 8:43:53
“My father flew models as a kid and become a fighter pilot in WWII and the Korean War. He was shot down in both on his 75th mission. It was his love of modeling that drove him to become a pilot and I learned from him as a child. Some of our best times were when he was teaching me to fly (frustratingly for him at times….lol). I have intermittently enjoyed the hobby myself and still have planes that my father built. I fly Control Line and RC. I became a teacher later in life and used modeling in the classroom since I was a math teacher and lots of modeling activities can relate to math concepts. I am concerned that this will inhibit other teachers from taking advantage of modeling to interact with children in a fun, educational way. Teachers don’t have a lot of money as it is and any further burden is unthinkable. As I get older I find myself flying closer and closer to home and would find restrictions on my flying area a burden. Thank you for the opportunity to share.”