, Kentucky

, United States

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2020-02-18 21:09:26
“Flying represents freedom. It represents the ability to soar above and accomplish things that were before in attainable. It’s research, innovation, development, and education all rolled up into a package waiting for you to discover it. This hobby has been my personal PTSD reduction and management tool since I retired from the US military. Also, it’s allowed me to grow in personal ways that teach me daily how to re learn and re develop myself and to reach new goals that I never thought reachable. But now, comes the FAA, and yet another restriction on freedoms. I became a police Officer after the military, and flung has been a tool I’ve used to reach the youth and the community, but once again, your infringing upon my rights and date I say theirs to… the right to learn, to grow, to develop beyond the life now and bring Forth that spark of creativity, of engineering, and of hope. Stop taking things from people who’ve done nothing wrong and start developing a partnership with them instead. No more fees and regulations for people whom are already regulated beyond comprehension, and no more creating a problem where none existed before in order to tax, regulate, and control for profit alone!”