, Australia

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2020-02-25 6:55:38
“Hi, I’ve only been flying for 4months now & have only recently discovered the Flite Test YouTube channel. I have not built my own model yet but I would like to be able to in the future!!!!! Atm I own a small Hubsan GPS camera drone, a small Volantex RC plane & several Fpv drones 250g & under. I have flow the GPS drone to 66meters once for less then a minute (logged on phone app) but my usual flights of any of the arc aircraft would be more like 5-15m high. I fly mostly at the local sports field which is a 5min walk from my house & sometimes I fly a 75mm Fpv drone around my house. These new law suggestions seem to be very restrictive & would rule out any of the times or places I’ve ever flow to be illegal. I think SOME larger RC aircraft/drones etc should continue to have transponders (large commercial drones etc) to broadcast their location or apps(like DJI, Hubsan etc) that you must open to use the craft with so others & the correct authority know where they are but I do believe that the new suggested rules are far too harsh in general & they need to be changed before it’s too late. Surely the new laws will destroy the hobby or RC aircraft in any shape of form? How many companies will go out of business? How many jobs will be lost?”