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, Iowa

, United States

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2020-02-23 9:25:28
“Hello, I have built and flown RC from age 10. That turned into side jobs when drones came along, I built my own drones and helped fix my friends drones. I tried to follow the rules and get a 333 exemption before the 107 came out, waited 12 months with no word. Did I fly drones and make money in that time without one of the FAA’s random number licenses, of course! When the proposed rules came out that I would have to have a full scale pilots license in order to make money with drones I spent $8k and attained my pilots license. Then the FAA came out with rules where I would not need my PPL to fly drones commercially. At this point they lost my respect. I have taught numerous children and adults how to fly RC, showed them the ropes, pushed them towards a 107 license, I have a full time job that requires drone pilots so it is important to me to teach the future how to fly. I always start them off with a slow flying balsa wood electric (Sig Kadet) before switching to a drone. And that brings us to today. The FAA listened quite well to the Amazon’s and delivery companies who want to exploit our low level airspace and ignored the AMA, DJI and the ARC. They’ve let the fear of mass media foster the idea that a bunch of idiots are flying drones on the final approach to airports. We’ve seen none of this. There are more turtles hit on runways than legit drone sightings. So what expensive equipment are they going to force turtles to wear?”