, Appleton

, Wisconsin

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 9:07:31
“Model and FPV flying has always been an opportunity of fellowship with friends and family. The building process is educational, allows innovation and self-improvement, pride of accomplishment, and recreational time that is meaningful and satisfying. I understand the FAA, as a creation of congress, has been tasked by congress to integrate UAS’ into the National Air Space, but the constitution allows that congress has regulatory rights over commercial interests, and any direct agent of congressional power should not exceed the realm that the constitution places on congress itself. Hobbyists are not involved in commerce, and their activities in the natural resource of air space should be governed locally (perhaps the DNR of each state), and not by any agent of congress. That being said, many model flyers would be more than willing to notify the FAA or local air traffic of their activities in class G airspace through existing phone apps. If there actually is any risk of mid-air collisions, notifying the FAA through these apps should be sufficient to allow commercial traffic to avoid low altitudes where modelers are flying.”