, Warner Robins

, Georgia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 9:07:24
“FPV is an amazing hobby, and a valuable resource for educators and students. I am teaching my daughters valuable skills in electronics and engineering as I build quads, and we are learning the ins and outs of video editing as well. I am supporting American small businesses like GetFPV, RaceDayQuads, and Rotor Riot. I am a responsible pilot that flies on public lands. I do not fly near bystanders, and I fly well below any ceiling that would be a danger to manned aviation. The FAA’s proposed regulations create an undue burden of my freedom of expression, and are a solution in search of a problem. The proposed remote ID systems require investment from “someone” to create an entire system, with little hope of anyone investing in building a system that does not have a shot at significant financial gain (that is, Amazon et. al.). The FAA has proposed an unworkable solution, has ignored community input, and implementation will limit American growth and innovation in the drone space.”