, Fate

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-14 7:18:03
“I am a 38 year old father of 2 young boys. I have had a passion for aviation as long as I can remember. I have worked in aviation for over 20 years and use RC air craft to share my love of flight with my family and friends. I can’t take them to work with me and show them all the amazing things I work with. However with home made quadcopters and scratch built aircraft I am able to share what I love with the people I love. The multiple disciplines that it takes to design, assemble, program, tune and fly a modern free style or racing quadcopter directly mirror the skills,talents and knowledge needed to maintain full scale aircraft. I say this holding a Airframe license and a repairman’s certificate for RVSM certification. The proposed limitations and rules would destroy a imesurable teaching tool for children and adults. At the same time turning normal law abiding citizens into criminals for playing with toys. The proposed rules and laws only appear to beniffit those seeking to profit from the use of remote controlled aircraft.”