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2020-02-26 16:35:23
“Im concerned that the delivery drones are not going to be limited to specific hours of operation… and that those need the most amount of regulation… they need to make sure that the times when they are allowed are comon so people can know they will be flying… and to be aware of their risk… As for the hobby/recreational side… i think home built / scratch built does not need much regulation, as it already has highly proven safety record… the autonomous gps camera drones” like dji mavic, skydio, autel, etc that some people with no knowledge and no consideration for its harm, should have a online test, and should also have a limited ability to fly for the first few hours (a simple software upgrade/lock can solve that… using the software built into current drones they can be limited without any needed equipment or changes to current equipment other than software upgrade… i do however believe a transponder should be built into any new “autonomous gps camera drones” (but not home built or kit built) and an avoidance system to work with current aviation transponders… no need for a cellular connection or any data plans… this does the job of taking the most significant risk and making it mich leas of a riak”