, Cedaredge

, Colorado

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 16:12:18
“The following have brought me to the hobby: New tech: Simulator; Reliable Tx/Rx; Lipo batteries; Foamies, PNP & BNF; Starting in late 2016, I’ve had increasing interest. In 2019 I logged 140 hrs of flight time utilizing 16 different aircraft. In 2020 my goal is to log flight time every day. When I travel, I use UMX and medium glider. At home, I fly all my craft over our 21 acre parcel. 200 ft dirt runway. I love the fact electric craft are quiet. I respect neighbors privacy and noise concerns. Line of sight. Flying matters to me because I’m retired and it engages my mind and body in a creative and skillful endeavor. Flight time is a meditative experience.”