, New Zealand

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2020-02-27 6:48:13
“hi me friends and my family have been off and on rc hobby flying over my life.i have flown rc helicopters years ago and remote control balsa wood home built small gliders that you throw and then control that i have made wiht my kids and family over the years and now they are doing the same wiht there children to take to the local park it is a great learning experience for the kids and gets them off the computer taking part in harmless fun.i also take the family out to a local beach and we set out the gps custom fishing drone and catch fish the whole family loves this flying under 100m high and over open oceon all line of sight.and recently my self and a few good mates have takin up dji fpv freestyle quads in my local parks.there are no flying fields any where i live but plenty of local open parks and beaches to fly .my main concern is such a large part of me and my family and friends spare recreational good times are about to end .it doesnt seem to be about saftey as far as i no there is no or very low harm caused by recreational flyers .there is way more guys hurt who race rc cars”