, Iuka

, Illinois

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 20:56:10
“Hi, Our hobby is very strict on rules, safety, protocol, and teaching. It is a clean good hobby for young and old. Most flying is line of sight and when not there are 2 or 3 others keeping track. There is so much people can teach and learn from this hobby. I myself humbly ask for leaving everything like it is. We police our own. You have to a member of the AMA, which is a great wealth of information and help with any problems. They also have insurance for the rare accident. All the clubs I know make sure you have a AMA card before you can join. The AMA has rules all clubs follow. For instance a new airplane is inspected to make sure it is safe by all the club members that are present. Another is new pilots are taught to fly till they are ready to solo. Clubs also have trainers to teach and get new guests interested or hooked. It just takes a few flights. There isn’t a hobby more fun than taking to the sky with a big beautiful shiny airplane doing rolls, loops, figure eights, then bringing it in for a smooth landing. Please leave things like they are and keep this gem of a hobby. Sincerely Mike Simmons”