, Jeannette

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 20:55:57
“I have been a model aircraft pilot from gas motor control line days to single channel R/C and finally to multichannel electric flying (around 65 years of flying). This does not include 60 hours of full scale aircraft piloting. I have built my own design aircraft and wound and built my own electric motors before they could be cheaply purchased. My father was in the Air Force for thirty years and i learned early on to identify full scale aircraft and build models of them. I remember the sound of u-2s flying over our house at Hickam AFB in Hawaii in the 50’s. All of this added to my curiosity about and then live of building, flying and maintaining my small fleet if aircraft. I have brought a number of young people into the joy of flying some of whom have gone on to aerospace pursuits as a result of model aviation. My grandsons are also learning to fly model aircraft. To slap onerous regulations on model aviation is going to inhibit many young people from taking the first steps into aviation and to criminalize those of us who already fly safely and in line of sight. I am an AMA member and follow the rules of AMA and keep an eye on the sky for low flying aircraft. More unfocused regulations that paint the whole hobby with a broad brush will not stop those intent on disrupting full sized aircraft at all. Most of my flying is at public parks and on my own property. My aircraft are either electric or unpowered. I still fly my tiny electrics in our church auditorium but I love to fly outside and I am getting into 3D flight. Please don’t drive me out of the hobby!”