, Lockport

, New York

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 11:08:48
“This hobby has been a big hobby in past generations and it’s always been a very good time and an extremely educational experience. My daughter has become very interested and i would love to have the opportunity to continue this tradition with my children, as prior generations have been able to teach me.. It will be an absolute travesty if this horrible regulation were to be implemented..I agree to everything when safety is concerned and I’ve never seen or heard of anyone being seriously injured or killed by this hobby.. That’s something that cannot be said about other hobbies, (basketball, football soccer etc) .. The sport of FPV flying and hobby grade aircraft is and has always been very safe and uneventful in a good way.. This strict and overreaching regulation will impede the open skies for the individual and hand over the airspace to big money interests and not the everyday hobbyist..This is a completely wrong way of going about this all together in most opinions. I want and will continue to strive for the safe and responsible operation of any and all remote operated aircraft and look forward to engaging and educating anyone that’s interested in this hobby.. please for the love of God and the love of freedom do not let this cherished and fantastic hobby be killed by something completely unnecessary.. please!”