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, Florida

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2020-02-19 11:08:40
“On July 13th 2016 my son was born. He had issues with vomiting in his sleep so I would take night shift so to speak and hold him all night so that if he vomited, I could make sure he didn’t die. This is when I discovered FPV. As you can imagine, working a full time job and running off of only 3-2 hours of sleep, staying awake can be difficult when trying to be quiet and hold a (usually) sleeping infant. The videos Rotor Riot, Tom Smith FPV and other FPV pilots of the time helped keep my mind engaged and keep me awake. Fast forward about a year. My son is through his vomit stage but still has his bouts of restlessness at nights (as every baby does) and while staying awake with him one night, desperately hoping he would sleep, I turn on some FPV flight videos. He stops pulling my beard and playing with my beard and becomes mesmerized by the steady flow of movement and mellow music. I experement by turning on Baby Einsteins (they too have episodes of constant movement and mellow music) and he begins getting restless. I switch back to the FPV video and he is calm again and falls asleep before the four minute long video is over. This year my son will turn 4. He is already very interested in my hobby. I am looking forward to when he is old enough to teach what I know about drones and FPV. The skills he will learn and be excited to learn because there is an amazing reward once you get them right. The feeling of flight. That is unless this proposal passes at is. This proposal will effectively end the hobby and rob me of a bonding experience with my son. Also, one of the first things I did before ever ordering a build kit was research what I can and what I cannot do. I’ve even turned down paying jobs flying because I was not certified and I would be flying over dense crowds. I want to be safe. I want to follow the rules. This proposal will leave me with the choice of either quitting the hobby or becoming a criminal. A suggestion: Why not use an app that people are required to ping a location before flying? Most FPV pilots aren’t more than a couple hundred yard away from their drones while flying so say we have a 200yd radius and a 100ft (over the tallest object nearby) ceiling. You could even give a bit more freedom to those flying drones capable of broadcasting their GPS location (such as DJI drones). Of course, keep the 5 miles from an airport rule as this make sense to me and I’m sure everyone else. We don’t mind regulations, we just want them to be fair and reasonable.”