, Cedar Rapids

, Iowa

, United States

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2020-02-15 12:55:02
“### I got started in aviation as a kid flying Estes model rockets. I enjoyed these, but I wanted to make them controllable. That’s when I got into model aviation. For many years I dreamed of one day furthering my hobby and working in the aerospace industry. Many years later I got my pilots license and became an Air Traffic Controller, and now have plans to build an experimental Vans RV-7. Being able to model new ideas, test flight characteristics, and not be afraid of pushing an aircraft to its limits is something that can only be found in model aviation. As with any hobby/activity there will always be people that do things unsafe and don’t follow the rules. The safest thing we can do is educate people about safe practices and the dangers associated with operation. If we create a culture of safe operation, overly restrictive rules would not be necessary. The younger generation is much more in tune to youtube, internet, phone apps, etc… A possible opportunity for Flite Test would be a channel showing safe operation of model aircraft or FPV, explaining guidelines, safe/unsafe practices. Demonstrating these for the next generation of model flyers. Show damage done to aircraft by collisions with UAS, talk with pilots who have had a near miss, and show how damaging it is to the hobby.”