, Australia

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2020-02-23 1:11:50
“I am a retired academic with health problems. The designing, building and flying of fixed wing and multi rotor rc craft is what keeps me going from one day to the next. It stimulates my mind and allows me to interact in an amazing community of people. It also allows me to help others as they progress through the hobby. The proposed regulation is currently happening in the USA but its obvious the commercial drone alliance will want this in every country so its only a matter of time before it hits my home in Australia. The hobby provides a unique opportunity for young people to experience the technical challenge of designing and constructing their own aircraft along with the thrill of learning to fly them. No other hobby that I know of provides the opportunity for a young person to learn how to design, construct and operate their own creations. In a world of instant, thoughtless gratification this hobby shows young people what patience, resilience and education can empower them to accomplish. Taking the hobby away will negatively impact the very professions that are essential in any nation that wishes to prosper and survive.”