, Germany

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2020-02-23 4:32:11
“The social aspect is of course important but I also fly alone. In general half of the fun is a retreat into nature and beautiful remote areas to get away from all the buzz of the city. Clearly flying FPV and trying to shoot some nice freestyle HD footage is a lot of fun and also “addictive” like computer gaming. In my line of work I already sit the whole day in front of the computer or in meeting rooms. So it is really important for me to get out where I have to move and at least walk around. Also as I am interested in technology building my own freestyle quads has helped me to acquire some manual skills like soldering and also has helped to refresh my memory on the fundamentals of electricity. I am also interested in design and starting to print some parts for my builds. Eventually it may lead to designing own carbon frames. In general the hobby requires much time spent in creation and I am very concerned that this part would come to its end and all the innovation it brings with other creators releasing their products for other builders. I do not see how responsible flying outside the city does any harm or danger. Also whenever I meet people they are always excited about the drones and usually really amazed when they take the spectator goggles. It is something that people are excited about not afraid of and it’s fun to share that excitement that come especially with custom build freestyle or racing drones with all up weight of about 500-700g. I have been hurt playing football or basketball but never have I or someone else been injured or damage done to property when flying drones. I don’t see any grounds for any regulations other than to support big business e.g. the rather unrealistic case of delivery drones. But this is a different discussion. I want recreational flying and also commercial flying under similar circumstances e.g. for video production with similar drones not be affected by these laws as I don’t see any harm coming from it bit a lot of harm coming to the industry and to limit innovation by these regulations. Manufacturers of the parts I am using may have to shut down their business and I won’t be able to build drones anymore, even though I am not in the US and affected by the regulations the whole hobby may take a hit and affect us in Europe as well. Again, harm was never done so there is no danger coming from that hobby of model aircraft and the air space I am flying in is so low and there is no aviation happening, so it’s really about keeping distance from people and the closest person is usually myself and the other people that are flying and with FPV we can see when there is people. If an area is can not be overviewed properly one of us is spotting to keep us all safe. The remote identification would do nothing to increase safety in our hobby. It would only help prosecution where there is no danger in the first place. A football how it’s used is more dangerous than a drone how we use it.”